Round 1: Game 2 – Nick Nurse Post Game Press Conference Analysis

Coach Nurse is an absolute class act! Just listen to the way he uses every reporters first name when responding to them. he knows how to play the media and does not go full Bobby Knight, so lets read between the lines.

Question are paraphrased because these guys take way to long to get a question out!

Question #1: What did your team figure out in the last 7 minutes other than playing harder

Answer: Executed better on defense, executed better offense. Next question.

Question #2: (follow up to question 1) Is a matter of your guys adjusting to the game?

Answer: As a coach you have to decide is it the coverage or is it the execution of the coverage? Considering the Nets do not have enough talent on this roster for it to be the coverage, I’ll go out on a limb and say it was the execution. As a coach I had to call 10 to 15 coverage just to get these guys going.

Question #3: Pascal getting Foul call now, you happy?

Answer: Your damn right I am and he should have got more. This is likely because of my response to me calling those guys out last press conference. Listen I know its the playoffs, but blow the damn whistle when there is contact.

Question #4: Pascal at the 5, did you like it? Will we see it again?

Answer: Maybe. Maybe Not. What are you a scout for another team, not giving out that answer.

Question #5: Lowering scoring game, is this good experience for your team?

Answer: This is the playoffs and every game is different, but in case you missed it, we won the title last year so we know how to win.

Question #6: Marc had tough game, doing anything to get him going?

Answer: Listen man, Marc is a great player and is getting fouled on every play. These guys are too small to guard him and they are fouling him in the legs and he’s getting no calls. I’ll tell you something, they better start blowing the whistle or this guys might snap and than where all in trouble. You saw what he did at the parade, that is 7 feet and 280 pounds of man coming at you. The only persno that might be able to stop him is Serge and that crazy bastard may let it happen. Blow the whistle ref!

Question #7: What is making Norm so good at the Norm

Answer: Do you really need my answer on this? Check the tape. Man is explosive.

Question #8: With no Allen in the game, does the team automatically adjust?

Answer: What do you think my job is? Of course we talk about different personal groupings before the game. If they forget, I call a timeout. Its not that hard.

Question #8: How did you adjust to their decision to switch on pics tonight?

Answer: The team knows what to do, cut harder and attack screens. Also we ran set plays. Believe it or not they are the very set play’s that I design as a coach.

Question #9 What did you think of their adjustments?

Answer: Well we won and they lost, so I expected adjustments. There adjustments were decent.

Question #10 How much of your adjustments are based on feel of the game?

Answer: All of them, that’s why I get paid.

Question #11 How have you seen the team get better at making adjustments?

Answer: They have ideas, I listen. I have ideas, they listen. Listen, they know when they need to turn to the big guy. No member of this team has a lack of effort and I see to that.

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