Nick Nurse Post Game Press Conference Analysis

Coach Nurse is an absolute class act! Just listen to the way he uses every reporters first name when responding to them. he knows how to play the media and does not go full Bobby Knight, so lets read between the lines.

Question are paraphrased because these guys take way to long to get a question out!

Question #1: What did you think of the national anthem and the kneeling? (more or less)

Answer: Loved it. I am woke, the rest of you need to wake up.

Question #2: When the defense was starting to slip a bit, their offense was coming from different sources than you probably expected. I that what happened?

Answer: Expected? Dude this roster has like 3 players that can score and we were up by 30 at one point. Lavert is good, some guys shot well, they only run like three sets. Do you think that scores me? please.

Question #3: What did you think of Terence Davis during that stretch?

Answer: He was good, but this is a team of champions. If, you want minutes you earn them. He might have earned a few more

Question #4: You got a lot of free-throws, is that the strategy?

Answer: What kind of questions is this? have you seen Pascal? He’s 6’9 and runs like the wind. What about OG? His shoulders look like bionic! You think these guys won’t get fouled? The Nets do not have the players to stop us, are you are asking me if i told my team to just take contest threes all game? Get the hell out of here!

Question #5: You hit a lot of three especially Fred Van Vleet, what are your thoughts on that??

Answer: They switched on screens and Fred is coming off hitting massive step back threes in the finals over Draymond Green. You think he is scared of of these guys, dude went 8 for 10! 8 for 10!

Question #6: You guys seemed calm, is that because of the championship?

Answer: No, we take every game seriously. You think I would let these guys take a night off?

Question #7: How confident are you in Kyle making the right play at the right time?

Answer: Honestly man, I get the Raptors aren’t always on national TV, but literally watch any game from the past 5 years. Kyle does everything at the right moments including taking charges. The man sets the tone!

Question #8: Are you happy with where Pascal is?

Answer: I am tired of this question, this guy gets fouled on every place. If there are any Refs listening to this, blow the f**king whistle! All you reporters listening to this should print that pascal is a star and should be getting the whistle. Pascal get get shots anywhere, but would be nice if he wasn’t getting slapped on the arms every time he gets a look. He should be at the line 10 more times a game, his PPG would go up and none of you would ask me these questions anymore.

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